Look At The Powerful People

London quintet Formation have released a visceral video for their new track A Friend ahead of the March 24 release of their debut album Look At The Powerful People on Meno Records. Co-produced by the fast-rising Adele and The Strokes engineer Ben Baptie and genre-defining House producer and DJ Leon Vynehall, Look At The Powerful People shares the same game-changing air that lit-up Andrew Weatherall’s work on Screamadelica. The album is available to pre-order now.


A Friend is a lunatic pop blast, a little like a psychedelically Killers stripped of their showbiz glitter and jacked up to the ceiling on cheap coffee and cigarettes. Frontman Will Ritson says:  “‘A Friend’ kicks off with pummelling immediacy; lyrics that read like age-old maxims are spat out, while bleeps and ticks of percussion misdirect you. It’s all ducking and weaving, building and growing…Snapshot moments of space allow you seconds of relief before the song dives into its anthemic resolution. “And when I’m alone you are my only friend,” it screams, hitting you right where it matters most..”


“This is reflected perfectly in the music video, directed by Davis Silas, where the drama of the music is taken to visual extremes. It becomes a twisted, violent dance that transcends the line between lover and enemy, protagonist and belligerent. The narrative is as passionate and relentless, choosing to reference key lyrics at the right moment. All contained on a rolling tube carriage, but who knows where it’s going?”


As Formation, the band makes a noise that is the single most elastically explosive and joyously angry thing you will hear for a very long time. So that’s, like, 11 remarkable things and we’ve not mentioned Yes or the Wu-Tang Clan yet.  A Friend follows on from two other compelling clips the band have already released ahead of the album, for the tracks Drugs and Pleasure.


“Formation are set to be among the surprise breakout stars of 2017.” The Times


“They tap into the avant-funk action of Dinosaur L, Liquid Liquid and their postdisco/no wave ilk.” – The Guardian


“One of pop’s brightest prospects in yonks.” – DIY


“Channelling Bowie and Iggy for their freestyles.” – NME


“Master crafters of sweaty, hook-filled, cowbell-clanging dance-pop tipped for great things.” – FACT


 “London twins fashion politically charged post-punk grooves.” – Q



“A band able to whip punk, pop, disco, guitars and a hi-tempo live edge into a repertoire of genuine songs.” – Mixmag